Bucket List!

I believe that if you believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize. Telling the world what you want means that you have to work twice as hard to earn it. But believing that you can achieve anything is the first step to success.

Alright enough of that! I have had enough go wrong in my life to realize I need a list of goals for my life. A list of places to see, people to meet, and things to eat. Yes, my bucket list will include food!

bucket list

My Bucket List!

  1. Visit the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary in Orr, Minnesota, which is a bear sanctuary! Bears are my favorite animal. They are strong, outgoing, and playful. Yet, They can be the most laid back creature you will ever meet!
  2. Go on a mission trip! If you are a Christ follower you are a missionary. Whether its next door, or across the globe, its Our mission to share the love of Jesus!
  3. Meet the children that Feed My Starving Children donates to! Their outlook on life feeds my soul. After volunteering at one of their events I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit calling my name. (Check out their market place with things made by people in need from all around the world http://www.fmscmarketplace.org/ )
  4. Raise over $1,000 for the MS Society! As someone who is personally affected by this illness, I want to do my part by giving back.
  5. Eat my way through New Orléans, Louisiana. This is where the food part of my bucket list starts! I have a deep  passion for Cajun food. I don’t know where it started but I know that New Orléans is calling my name!
  6. Paddle Board on Lake Tahoe. Paddle Boarding is my favorite form of “exercise.” I love it and wish I could paddle board all year!
  7. Go skydiving! This is for the thrill. I was once afraid of heights but faced that fear and now want to feel what it is like to freefall!
  8. See the Northern Lights. I have tried to get up in the middle of the night to see the Northern Lights when they are visible in Iowa but always fail!
  9. Live on a lake. The water is always calling my name! I would love to wake up and see it everyday!
  10. Go to Alaska! I want to see this state and all its beauty!
  11. Drink and eat my way through Tuscany  in Italy!
  12. Airboat across an Alligator infested swamp!
  13. Learn to Surf.  This has been a goal of mine for a long time!
  14. Swim with sharks. I have no fear of water, so I think testing that with sharks is a great idea!
  15. Stay on Orca Island! A vacation where I can kayak, whale watch, and fish? COUNT ME IN!
  16. Chase a tornado. I live in a place where tornado warnings are a summer staple. I used to live in fear of them but now I embrace the force of mother nature!
  17. Milk a cow. I grew up around farms and this is one thing I have always wanted to do!
  18. Attend a Packers game! This has been a dream of mine for a long time!
  19. Find or make the perfect red lipstick! I am a lover of red lipstick. I like a deep berry red and have yet to find the perfect one.
  20. Create a chocolate sculpture! During school chocolate became my staple. I find tempering chocolate relaxing and a breeze to get through. I’ve always wanted to make a show worthy sculpture!
  21. Make a gingerbread house!
  22. Eat a meal cooked by a celebrity chef.
  23. Be better at yoga. I love yoga and want to become a lot better at it.
  24. Do the polar plunge!
  25. Throw the first pitch at a baseball game!
  26. Climb a lighthouse.
  27. Travel to Germany. I am almost completely German and would love to see where my ancestors came from.
  28. Go to Jerusalem! I want to see the holy city, and walk where Jesus walked
  29. See the Grand Canyon
  30. Visit Nashville
  31. Go to Bora Bora and sleep in a overwater bungalow!
  32. Make the perfect Creme Brulé
  33. Decorate my house perfectly for Christmas.
  34. Travel to Russia! I’ve always heard of the big bad Russia but I truly believe if you look hard enough, like in the US, you will find wonderful people and places.
  35. Visit Ireland.

… More To Come!

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