Biscoff Cookie Butter Puppy Chow!

Christmas in October!

Call me crazy! While everyone else is out celebrating Halloween, I am sitting at home watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and making Biscoff Cookie Butter Puppy Chow! I am not a big Halloween person, never have been. I love fall, but I wait for the day that the snow flies.

My love of christmas runs deep. I am one of those people who put up my Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. One of my favorite songs, that I listen to all year, is also a Christmas song. I try to hold on to the joy and hope of the holidays as long a possible.

Biscoff cookies and cookie butter have the flavors of Christmas for me. They are buttery and full of spice. I was first introduced to cookie butter through the craze of Trader Joe’s. But since there isnt a Trader Joes near me, I found Biscoff and haven’t turned back since.  While watching movies and drinking warm coffee, I wanted something easy to make to snack on. Once again, puppy chow is the easiest and quickest snacks/desserts to make.

Biscoff Cookie Butter Puppy Chow is hands down my favorite puppy chow I have made. Its rich and full of full bodied spices, I love it. Once you start eating, it will be hard to put down.  Puppy chow takes less the 15 minutes to make and is sure to wow your friends when you start to play with flavors.

biscoff cookie butter puppy chow

While watching Christmas movies, I started to make a list of recipes and post I want to post for Christmas. As of today, I am planning on putting up a new blog post every day of December. I have plenty of recipes I want to make/create and have started the planning process already. November will be a busy time for me.

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Biscoff Cookie Butter Puppy Chow!

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