Ways to Feed Your Faith

I believe with all my heart that if you feed your fears your faith will starve, but if you feed you faith your fears will starve! After feeding my fears in the past, I watched my faith dwindle a little at a time. Finally, I learned ways to feed my faith and keep it strong! Here are ways to feed your faith!


Ways to Feed Your Faith!

Feed your faith….through the word!

Get to know God through his word. This changed the way I look at my faith and how I view the world. I have learned that by making time to get to know God through his word, that faith will grow.

I listen to the bible through the bible app on my phone or ipad. It helps to have the choice of reading or listening to the bible. I have listened to the bible when I am getting ready for the day, while meditating, and while falling asleep.

I also like to do bible studies. If you do not have a bible study group that meets your schedule you can find bible reading plans online. One of my favorite beginning bible study books is Experiencing Contagious Joy by Christa Kinde.


Feed your faith….through music!

2016 has been the year of music for me. I have fallen in love with christian music, it fuels my soul. Listening to music while getting ready and while working on this blog help me stay focused and creative. I love to be reminded of God’s love for us, while listening to music.

My favorite song when I need to reminded of the work that God has for me to do on this earth is Matthew West’s song “Do Something,” This song is a reminder that sometime God is waiting for us to do something! We forget that we are God’s workers and we tend to focus on the all of the bad things that we cannot change. There is always a silver lining and a hope for the future so find some music that inspires you to do good!


Feed your faith…By Volunteering. 

Get out there! Help your Neighbor! Work at a soup kitchen, feed the homeless, volunteer at a after-school program! Look for a Feed my Starving Children food packaging event.

Trust me, after working at one food packaging event you will be hooked. The atmosphere is inspiring and helping children all around the world will never get old! I looked into Feed my Starving Children after going to one event and now am constantly looking for events near my home. I could feel God’s presence in the room that day and felt fuel being added to the fire in my soul.


Feed your faith…from the people you surround yourself with. 

Remember the people you surround yourself with can determine where you go in life. Find people with the same interests in life as you. Help grow in your faith together. It can be tough to find people who want to fuel their faith but something I’ve learned is most people want to do good they just feel lost.

When dealing with difficult people ask yourself what would Jesus do? He surely dealt with many difficult people during His time here on earth. In His interactions with difficult people Jesus never displayed an attitude of harsh superiority or dismissive pride; rather, He showed authority under control. He used rebuke when necessary (John 8:47), but He also dealt with difficult people by remaining silent (John 8:6), asking questions (Mark 11:28–29), pointing them to Scripture (Mark 10:2–3), and telling a story (Luke 7:40–42).


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