Peanut Butter Balls Recipe!

These are delicious morsels of peanut butter sweetness! Made with only 3 ingredients they are a “healthy” dessert or snack. My babysitter made peanut butter balls for us. They were my favorite!

I woke up at 5 AM this week craving peanut butter balls! So, what did I do? I got out of bed made coffee and started making them. Please tell me I’m not the only one who wakes up craving food and makes it.

These ingredients are peanut butter, honey, and dry oats. You can customize these by adding flax, chia seeds, and anything else your heart desires. I like to put mini chocolate chips in when I am craving Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. After you mix everything together and scoop the balls out. You can enjoy right away or store in the fridge until you are ready to devour them.

On to the crazy week ahead. It is the Sunday before Thanksgiving and this girl is procrastinating making her grocery list. I have it easy, I need to bring a side and a dessert.This week I will be making my favorite easy Italian Pasta Salad(Recipe to follow) and I will be making candy.

I will be making homemade Snickers and am counting down the hours until I can make them. Here is a secret about me! If I could open a candy shop I would. All homemade! UGH! It’s a dream of mine because I crave homemade candy and making candy is super relaxing!

And to come down from my relaxed candy state, I may do some online black friday shopping. I hate spending money, but there are some great deals on Christmas presents for the people in my life. I still do not understand why people love to go out in the craziness of all the people.

Now that I am starting to think about black friday, I think I’m going to take a break from thinking and go eat a Peanut Butter Ball!

Enjoy The Peanut Butter Balls!!

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