Meet Jaq

Alright, time to introduce you to my favorite four-legged furry friend. Meet Jaq, he is my 7-year-old Shih Tzu.


Meet Jaq

Fun fact about me, I am a bit obsessed with dogs and animals. I begged and begged for a dog for 14 years before my parents caved in and allowed my to get a dog.

I had gone through a lot of medical issues during high school. Surgeries that went wrong and a start to doctor visits with no end in sight. My doctor, without my knowledge, told my mother that it would be good for me to get a dog, so that I have someone there when I wake up in the middle of the night.

We had searched online for dogs and we finally decided to get a shih tzu puppy. I had always wanted a big dog but my parents said not while we live in town. When we went to pick him out, I knew that I wanted a boy dog. We got their and Jaq was the biggest of his litter and a bit lazy. He didn’t run up as quickly as the other and he was perfectly adorable! I knew he was mine!!


Jaq is a laid back goofball. His nickname is Gremlin, look it up if you haven’t seen the movie. Since we’ve had him, he has looked like and sounded like a gremlin. He loves to cuddle, play,  go outside, car rides, and visit  his best friend next door.

And incase you were wondering, he got the name Jaq because of Cinderella. I named him after one of the mice in Cinderella. I was a bit obsessed with Disney growing up. To be honest I still watch classic Disney movies when I am sick…But back to the dog.

He came into my life at the perfect time and has helped me so much!

Now time for a lot of pictures of my favorite fluff ball……




img_2380-1img_2381-1 img_2382-1

Can you tell that he likes to have his picture taken? There are hundreds more pictures of Jaq but these are my favorite….



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