Spritz Cookies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love this time of the year. Snow is falling, Christmas lights are up and cookies are in the oven. Spritz Cookies are one of my favorite cookies to make during the holidays.┬áThese buttery cookies that melt in your mouth, will leave you coming back for more. To make them into different shape, you use a cookie press and to make them more festive, use food coloring to dye the dough. I hope you enjoy this spritz cookie recipe.

It looks as though we will have a white Christmas in Iowa. We have snow on the ground and there is a good chance of snow this weekend. I am a snow lover and am delighted that winter has come in full force. When the temperatures dip below freezing and the snow flies all I want to do is bake.

This has been a rough couple of weeks. I haven’t been feeling good and thankfully I have a beautiful Christmas tree and Christmas movies to watch. I will be sharing why I don’t feel good in an upcoming blog post. It is something that needs more than just a paragraph in a recipe post.

Spritz Cookie Recipe

OK. Lets talk about these easy, little buttery delights. They are easy to make and will be a crowd pleaser. They are buttery and not too sweet. You will need a special tool for this recipe, a cookie press. Here is a link to a great one

They can be pricey but you won’t regret it. There are other uses for the press and this recipe can be made all year.

The first thing you do is cream together the salted butter and sugar, until light and fluffy. Next blend in the egg and then the flour. After that it is your choice if you want to color the dough. When I made this batch I split the dough into 3 sections and dyed 2 of the sections red and green. Use the cookie press to place the cookies on a ungreased cookie sheet. I used a star shape for the poinsettia with the red dough and a tree shape with the green dough. And with the white dough I used a diamond shape.  Bake at 350 degrees for 6-9 minutes. ENJOY


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