Usborne Books Review!

This year I learned about Usborne Books through a family member of mine. As some one who works with kids and in the education world, I love getting kids off of electronics and into reading a good book! Reading is essential to our education process and books are becoming less popular now that technology is taking over. Children love books that entertain them and Usborne has some amazing books to do so!

Plus as someone who has worked in a library, I can assure you these are high quality books!

Usborne Books Review

I received a Usborne Book in a giveaway. It is a book that I have never seen in a store. The book is part of a Shine A Light Collection, where you use a flashlight to guess the hidden things on the page. KIDS LOVE IT!! It’s so much fun to try to find what is there before shining the flashlight through the page!  Fun books like this prove to kids they can have fun reading, while also learning!

Look at this book! Animal lovers will love it!

The kids I work with loved to find pictures of the animals this week when I took the book in. We read it together and I would let them help me hold the flashlight behind the page to see what was hiding. Making learning fun keeps kids wanting to learn more. When learning becomes mundane we begin to stop wanting to learn, so make sure and keep it fun for as long as possible!

My Usborne Books Choices!

This month I am. hosting a Usborne Book Party until the 26th!  Here are my top choices! If you like any of the books and would like to look at them I will have a link that will lead you directly to the book all you have to do is click on the photo! Or you can click the here and look at all of the books and activities they have for kids! There is even things that will interest adults!

Shine a Light Books

Kids love to see what is hidden by using a flashlight to see the hidden images! All you do is shine the flashlight behind the page to see what is hidden! Each of these books are $12.99, which is a great deal for an interactive well made hard cover book that will keep your kids wanting to read it and wanting to share with others!

Above and Below

Usborne Book

From the rain forest to the ocean and the macro to the micro, turn the split pages to understand more about the fascinating relationships occurring in each of the world’s ecosystems above and below the surface. Teaching kids about nature at a young age is essential to get them to want to explore nature!

Adding and Subtracting Activity Book

A colorful, write-in book featuring a multitude of adding and subtracting puzzles, encouraging children to learn and practice. Kids will have plenty of opportunities to practice before testing themselves with quick quizzes. Great way to start kids off with math!

Be the Change, Make it Happen

usborne book

This book details all the little and large ways anyone can help make a difference, in their neighborhood, in their country, in the world! From helping the planet through recycling and saving water, to promoting important causes with awesome art exhibitions, to partying to raise money for charity, there are tons of ideas for ways to kids to get their voices heard and make an impact on issues that are important to them. Be the change, be a hero.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Those are my top choices for books but there is plenty more to see, from activity books, to sticker books, to books for infants to middle schoolers, to adult coloring books! Click here to see more!

Usborne Books


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