Week in Review – Popcorn, Pixi Beauty, Spoonie Box & April Goals

Happy first day of April! Why does every year go so much faster as an adult than when I was a kid? Here is my Week in Review! (Grab some popcorn)

Week In Review

This week has been a doozy… I have been off schedule and off my healthy eating game.  I am pretty routine when it comes to my diet and lifestyle so starting this week I am going to go back to my full routine and diet! YAY!  Which means I will be breaking out my Omega Juicer and making my sunrise juice. But before I go back onto that diet fully I first need to finish some AMAZING popcorn!

Week in Review

Rural Route 1 Popcorn

I was in Wisconsin last weekend for a wedding and rediscovered my love of Rural Route 1 popcorn.  This is definitely not a new love in my life, in fact, we are in a 10-year relationship. Yes, the popcorn is that GOOD! (And no I am not getting paid to say any of this! I stopped in on my own. They don’t even know who I am or what I do.)

Week in Review
Week in Review

If you stop in (Montford, WI)  or order online these are my recommendations:


A sensational blend of sweet, crunchy popcorn & lightly roasted almonds covered in creamy white fudge.
It’s simply irresistible. What’s K’not to love?!

This stuff is addicting! But it is so worth the extra calories which is why it is a good thing that I live 3 hours away from the store or I would be going way to often.

White Cheddar with Black Peppercorn

You are going to love how we combined the savory goodness of white cheddar
and a mild, but noticeable kick of black peppercorn with our freshly popped gourmet popcorn.

This is my favorite white cheddar popcorn. I have yet to find white cheddar popcorn as amazing as this one! If you have any suggestions let a girl know!

Cheesy Jalapeno

Wildly popular, deliciously cheesy, & delightfully hot.  We kicked the tastiness of our
cheese popcorn up a notch with spicy jalapeno.  One bite & you’ll understand why so many love it.

I love a little spice in my life and this does it for me. Can you tell I love popcorn?

The Mix

This is their traditional white popcorn mixed with their cheddar and caramel…It is a 10 outta 10 if you are in the shop. A cheap way to enjoy their popcorn with fewer calories.

Makeup That Makes Me Smile!

Popcorn, Pixi Beauty, Spoonie Box & April Goals

This week I have been LOVING Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Honey Nectar and Root Cosmetics White Gold Illuminator. I have been all about that spring time glowy fresh look!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Bal m – Honey Nectar

I love a great tinted lip balm and this one is amazing for an easy everyday lip color. This is a great no hassle everyday lip color.

Root Cosmetics – White Gold Illuminator

White Gold Illuminator is a bright 18 karat gold color that gives you a gorgeous lit from within glow. Don’t forget to use it as a beautiful eyeshadow too!

I love how natural this highlighter is while making me look like a glowing goddess. Great description…huh? I am not a chunky glitter girl. No, I am more of an all day in the sunshine glow type of girl. So, if that is the type of highlighter girl you are then this is the highlighter for you!

Spoonie Box

Know anyone with a chronic illness? If so this is the subscription box to put a smile on their face!

What is the Spoonie Essentials Box: The Spoonie Essentials Box is the perfect gift to give to your chronic-illness loved one or to give to yourself, of items that offer both comfort and utility.Carefully curated around the unique culture of chronic-illness with select products, goods, and services intended to support the bad days, compliment the good days, and enhance infusion or hospital stay-cations! ​

I received this box for free and will be purchasing for the future. The popcorn was gone within the first 5 minutes of opening. Yes…I have a serious popcorn ADDICTION! The ginger candies were delightful and the bracelet has graced my wrist everyday! Plus the medical planner will come in handy to keep track of doctors and medicine.

Week in Review - Popcorn, Pixi Beauty, Spoonie Box & April Goals - Joyful Iowan
Week in Review – Popcorn, Pixi Beauty, Spoonie Box & April Goals – Joyful Iowan

So if you know someone who is suffering from a chronic illness surprise them with a fun gift!

Check out the Spoonie Box here.

Week in Review - Popcorn, Pixi Beauty, Spoonie Box & April Goals - Joyful Iowan
Week in Review – Popcorn, Pixi Beauty, Spoonie Box & April Goals – Joyful Iowan

(No I am not going to make anything off of you purchasing this box. I honestly think that this is a really cool concept!)

April Goals

I NEED to become a better blog planner! This is an April necessity. I am not a type A planner type. Which are a problem and planning needs to become a priority in my business/blogging life.

So…if you have any posts on blog planning leave me a link in the comments below!


  1. I always thought the mix of popcorn – cheddar, regular, and caramel, was weird! But I tried it once and it’s pretty good! I still just prefer regular popcorn or cheddar but at least I know people aren’t crazy that love the mix lol

  2. oh man, popcorn is my weakness! Definitely going to have to check that brand out. I might even need to try all the flavors :-]Also, love the pixi lip balms, I haven’t tried that color but it looks perfect!

  3. I have to check out this popcorn place because I live in Wisconsin and I’m always looking for places that have GREAT caramel popcorn. Which is my favorite besides butter popcorn.

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