Tips for the MOST Productive day EVER!

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon watching Once Upon A Time and thinking about how I can make Monday my most productive day ever! I am a go with the flow type of person. That can actually be bad for productivity.  So over the years, throughout high school, college, and work, I have learned how to be productive while keeping my laid back since of style.  So this is how I have a productive day almost every day.

Tips for the MOST Productive Day EVER!

Stick to a Schedule

I used to never have a daily routine. My schedule would just depend on my mood. If I felt like studying/working or not.

After years of functioning in this way, I realized that I needed to come up with a daily routine and stick with it. Not only did this help decrease my stress level but it also increased my health. I have set times that I eat, sleep, work, workout and relax.

Remember how I said that I have a laid back personality? That means if I have to stray from my schedule some days or rearrange, that means it is perfectly OK! Sadly, the real world doesn’t work around our schedule so be ready for bumps in the road.

Eat Healthy

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I truly believe that food is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, and your productivity is affected by the food you eat in more ways than you can imagine. Good nutrition enhances cell development in the brain, and it’s easy to see the connection between eating habits and productivity.

Maintaining healthy food habits significantly reduces stress, allowing you to think clearly. Healthy eating keeps you physically fit and can serve as a tremendous confidence boost. It should come as no surprise that some of the most confident people pay a lot of attention to their physical well-being!

Get Moving

We have all been told that exercise can improve your health. Exercise is a key part of managing your weight and maintaining a healthy body.  As it turns out, the positive effects of exercise on your personal life also spill over into the workplace. In addition to sharpening mental performance, regular physical activity improves time-management skills, which in turn improve your ability to meet deadlines.

Make a List

Between work (or homework), working out, hanging out with friends, and other real-life obligations life can seem very overwhelming and making a to-do list makes the day a lot easier.

One of the trickiest aspects of the to-do list is actually sitting down to make one. Pick a time every day, whether it’s the morning before everyone else wakes up, the hour right before going to bed, or lunchtime. So, pick a time of the day and stick to it. You will thank me later!

Plan Ahead

Using a weekly planner can help calm the chaos of life. It’s a place where you can write down everything you need to accomplish: appointments, goals, shopping lists, and more.

Pick a day, ideally at the beginning of the week, where you set aside a good fifteen or twenty minutes to block in everything you know is going to happen in the week ahead.

Take a Break

Working without letup is a bad habit that can jeopardize business, health and the life you’re working toward. Most of us are aware that taking breaks from physical activity is necessary to recuperate and prevent injuries. Taking breaks in our mental work is equally helpful, and can be a great boost to our productivity as well.

Taking a break is essential to higher productivity, energy, concentration, efficiency, creativity, and just about every other good thing that you need to survive. A quick ping pong game, a short drive, a brisk walk, a brief chat, a quick snooze–these are all great ways of taking a break.

Another great idea to do during your break is to listen to podcasts that will give you all of the motivation you need for when your break is over!

 Stop Overthinking

Tips for the MOST Productive Day EVER!

While all of those productivity tips are important, there was one important productivity tip that I left out —Stop OverthinkingStop talking yourself out of doing the work you need to do. Just do one thing to start moving you forward and once you take that first step, it’s easier to take the next step.

Delaying action while over-analyzing information clearly doesn’t help when it comes to getting things done. The simplest way is usually the best.

You’ll be more productive, and happier too when you stop over-thinking.

What are your tips and tricks for being a productive person? Leave them in the comments below!

These are the tips and trick I have used to become a more productive person. Remember this, being productive is a lifestyle. You are either a doer or you’re not. So learn the best productive habits for yourself and stick to them! But most of all, stop overthinking and just do!

Tips for the MOST Productive Day EVER!

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  1. It’s so important to start my day with these little things especially to do list! Sticking to a routine has always been my downfall but I’m working hard to keep a schedule! Great tips!!!

    Jasmine 🙂

  2. Some great ideas for creating a perfectly productive day! I’m a stickler for fueling myself with the right kind of food and sticking to a schedule. I wish I could be a little more flexible with time – when I get off of my schedule then everything else seems to be shattered.

  3. I notice a huge difference when I eat properly and regularly – it really is fuel for the body! I do really need to fit in my workouts more – I find it challenging.

  4. Great tips!! I love finding new ways to be productive!! I used to make smoothies every morning and my mood was definitely always better because of it. I need to get a new blender and start doing that again! Lists help me so much too ! They are my holy grail! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Great tips! It’s especially important to remember to schedule yourself breaks, like you suggested. Also, I love the podcasts for further motivation. Sometimes finding that hit of motivation is the hardest part, then once you get started it is so much easier than you thought it would be.

    Thanks for all the great advice!

  6. Hi Jenn! Awesome tips! I definitely see a difference in my productivity when I don’t eat very healthy and the most beneficial thing I do is have a list of to-dos everyday. I think I like hecking them off the most!

  7. I have never given much thought to what makes me more productive. I’m so glad to see I do most of these already! Eliminating distractions is probably another thing I am working on to do to stay productive. Having the whole internet available sometimes makes for a distracting work day! Lol.

  8. Your tips, especially planning ahead, truly make a difference! When I don’t do these things– taking a break, eating healthy— I’m not performing at my best and my day (productivity) suffers. Thanks for the awesome reminder and the podcasts to check out.

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