12 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

Have you ever looked at an old picture of yourself and gone back in time to the moment the photo was taken? Wouldn’t it be great if you could go back and share all of the wisdom that you’ve gained with your younger self?  These are the thing I wish I could tell my younger self.

12 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self

I am about to take you into my childhood with the pictures in this post. Get ready to see the younger me.

1. You are Good Enough

Tell My Younger Self

Do not let anyone tell you any differently. There will be people who will try but I promise you, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!  Go after your dreams and don’t let anyone hold you back.

2. You Can’t Plan Life. You Will Survive.

Life will throw you curveballs and some of those curveballs are going to hit you hard. It’s ok. Get up, dust the dirt off and keep swinging. (As you can tell. We still LOVE baseball.)

All of these “problems” are going to turn you into a strong and confident woman, who doesn’t let anything or anyone get in her way.

3. Keep Begging For That Puppy

You are going to get him and you couldn’t imagine life without him. Heck, dad even helps name him and sometimes you will swear your parents love him more than you. But they don’t so its ok.


4. Face Your Fears

Tell My Younger Self

Ok…all of your fears except snakes. We are still working on that one. Every other fear, however, we have conquered. So be the confident girl I know you are. The girl who doesn’t like to let others see her as weak and face those fears.

5. Eat Healthy and Workout

You like spinach and kale. I know shocking.  Eating healthy has become a way of life and it feels amazing!  So, why not start eating healthy now?

You won’t always be able to play sports. Injuries will end that dream quickly. It is ok, we have a bigger dream than playing sports. So find another workout you love. I recommend swimming and biking.

Tell My Younger Self

6. You Don’t Have to do What Everyone Else is Doing

Tell My Younger Self

Marriage, kids, certain careers…those ideas might be forced on you or you might be forcing them on yourself. This is your life. Decide what you want and don’t want and stick to it, even if you are being pressured by someone else to think otherwise. You don’t want kids? That’s fine. You want to change careers suddenly? Do it! Because when you get older, these decisions come with severe consequences and making them will be a lot harder. Find out who you are; don’t let others tell you who you are. They are wrong.

7. Positivity is Infectious

Tell My Younger Self

Smile more, worry less. I promise you that life isn’t as bad as you think it is. We learned to have fun and let go of the things weighing us down and now life is a lot more fun. Your humor draws people in, so stop hiding it. Don’t worry about what others think of you. Have fun and laugh often.

8.  Be Nice to People

You never know what someone is going through. So smile. Say hello. Help them.

9. Say NO!

Say it again and again. Practice ignoring the guilt that comes from putting yourself first.

10. Learn to Let Go

Let go of anything and anyone who is holding you back. Don’t let history, common friends or even convenience make you hold on to people. The right people will make you feel good after you’ve spent time with them.

11. Multiple Sclerosis Will Make You Stronger

Don’t run from it. Embrace this awful disease and remember that it can’t control you if you don’t let it. We got this and we will live with it the best we can. I promise that it is going to be hard, actually, this will be the hardest thing in your life. But it will show you more about yourself than anything else possibly could.

12. Don’t Be Afraid to be YOU!

I am so proud of who I am at age 24. I am happy, strong, and confident. And I wish I spent more of my teenage years believing that. It would have made so many things much easier.

What would you tell your younger self?

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12 Things I wish I Could Tell My Younger Self


  1. What a sweet thoughtful post ❤️ Thank you! There’s a lot I can relate to there and that I’d tell the younger me.

  2. This is such a cute post, with really cute photos! I’d tell my younger self to get over myself! That life isn’t as hard as I made it out to be. That I could actually have all the things I wanted, and more, if I just believed it. But I doubt I would have listened! Because I was (still am) stubborn as all heck.

  3. I love these 12 things. I was trying to pick out my favorite, but each one resonates with me in some way. Some of these things, I am still currently working on..like saying no. I know it’s okay to not please everyone, but I still find myself feeling guilty when I don’t. And I love the reminder of not doing what everyone else is doing. Each person is unique and has their own path to follow. Thanks for sharing this! I love it!!

  4. I absolutely loved this post along with the sweet pics! How nice! Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it? And as for the whole “You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing”, boy – that would have saved me some really ugly fashion choices. LOL!

  5. SO many of these are so relevant to me – especially Say No! Oh my gosh, I’m still working on that one for sure! Great post 🙂

  6. Every single one of these should be told to anyone, because everyone needs to be encouraged to be better version of themselves. And something not related to your post, but I love your logo! <3

  7. Most of these I can definitely relate to either personally or through people I know! I absolutely adore all your childhood photos on this post ❤️

  8. Ah this post is adorable. You were such a cutie! I wish I could go back in time and give myself so much advice but it’s kinda awesome that we get the opportunity to do that for other people.

  9. I love this post! It is great that you included pictures from your past! I love the one about learning to say “no” and not feel guilty. I need to work on that one.

  10. I really loved your list, I would want my younger self to know that you can say no as well. This is a great exercise to let ourselves do.

  11. Awe I love this post! I have a similar one planned in a couple of weeks for my birthday! Also couldn’t agree more with begging for the puppy! It took 18 years but i finally got one haha! So important to learn how to love and embrace who we are too <3

  12. I love this list. Especially keep begging for that puppy. I absolutely intend to keep begging. I will have that puppy! Thank you for sharing.

  13. I agree with so many of these! Especially “Be nice to people”. It gets you so much further in life to be nice!

  14. These are all great things that I wish I could have told my younger self. Honestly, sometimes I still have to remind myself about these things to this day.

  15. What a great post! I love this so much. It’s amazing how we can look back on our life and wish we had known what we know now. Even if we try to teach our children our mistakes, they will go through the same process.

  16. I love all of these! I definitely think we should all be unabashedly ourselves! Also being nice to people is my favorite one because it’s such a rarity in the world we live in today!

  17. I love these 12 things. Especially facing your fears and being good enough. the world can be cruel and it can be unbearable if we downplay our worth. We are always valuable and we should always keep this in mind.

  18. I love the part about not being able to plan life. So often we think we can control everything, but that is just not the case!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

  19. I actually got a little teary eyed with this post. I could feel your emotion and care for your younger self. There are quite a few things I wish I could tell my younger self as well <3

  20. Awesome article. I wrote a similar one on my site called “Letter To My Younger Self”. It can be very healing knowing you got through tough situations and your ok now. Sometimes reflection is necessary.

  21. Awesome article. I wrote a similar one on my site called “Letter To My Younger Self”. It can be very healing knowing you got through tough situations and your ok now. Sometimes reflection is necessary.

  22. This is great. Even made my eyes leak a little bit. And as someone who is even older than you are now, keep going. You got this.

    Lorna x

  23. This was such a moving post. I love all of your old pictures. How freaking adorable! There are so many amazing life lessons here. My favorite: learning to say “no.” That’s so empowering, especially as a female.

  24. Awesome post, I’ve been taking some time to revisit some of those earlier childhood moments and have been having some of the very same conversations with myself. #1 is a piece of wisdom that I think every child needs to internalize; keep growing, keep striving to be the best you, but always know that you are good enough. Thanks for such a great post, and sharing those adorable photos!

  25. Oh, I love this post. I would say some of the same things you did. I would tell my younger self to pursue the things that you really want, never to settle, and that you are enough. I would tell her to let that boy know how you really feel and to start writing in her 20’s instead of waiting until her 30’s. One last thing: enjoy those carefree days! They don’t last.

  26. This list is amazing but #7-#10 is LIFE goals. I wish I could tell myself that a lot of things don’t matter and to have enjoyed being young because big girl jobs are a lot of work!! lol

  27. Thank you for sharing this lady! I definitely need to remind myself of most of these things as well! It’s so interesting how things do not turn out as you had hoped when you were younger. None the less, it’s still ok. We’re ok! xo

  28. Wow these seriously resonate with me. I struggle with the “you can’t plan life.” I always want to be in control and try as much as possible to make everything fall into a plan that I have in my head,

  29. What a fantastic post. I love your reflection on life. I actually forwarded this to my millennial daughters. It is never too late to reflect on your life. Thanks

  30. I’ve written a few letters to my younger self and we have said a lot of the same things. The next best thing is teaching my kids these things. Love this Jenn.

  31. First of all, you are the absolute cutest in all these photos! I love this! Second, I NEEDED this post…even if it wasn’t directed at me! Thanks for this!

  32. Hello!
    I thought this was a great post. I can especially relate to your #11. For 6 years, I have been dealing with a (mysterious) disease that causes me to collapse and leaves me with temporary paralysis in my neck, arms, and legs. What I once thought was my greatest weakness turned out to be a strength and has helped shape me into the person I am today. I really appreciated this post, thanks for sharing!

  33. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

    Oh, man!! This post really struck a chord. #1, 2, 9, 10, and 12 are so true! Wish I would’ve known though. Would’ve made things so much easier.

  34. I love #2. I wish I could tell my younger self that as well! Your post has inspired me. I want to write my own version of this post on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  35. “You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.”

    I’m right there with you, that’s the #1 thing I wish I’d known during my teen years. Geez, would’ve saved me alot of headache and heartbreak!

    Now I’m inspired to make a list of my own of things I wish I could tell my younger self.?

  36. What great advice to your younger self. I think about this sometimes and wonder what I could tell myself at that age. Now, I make sure that I say the things I wish someone said to me to my kids, whether they’ll listen is another thing, but at least the advice is there if they ever need it! Great blog 😀

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