12 Things You May Not Know About Me

Today I thought we could get to know each other a little better so I made a list of 12 things you may not know about me. I would love for you to comment telling me with something that you would love for me to know about you!

12 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I broke my hip running.

Yes, your read that right. Running…I broke my hip running. You can insert the old lady jokes here. I have heard them all.

I was playing basketball, running up the court and heard a pop and then an immense amount of pain followed. Instead of being like everyone else and going to the doctor.  I walked around on it for almost 2 weeks before going to the doctor and found out that my muscle had pulled my growth plate off. OUCH.

2. I have a colossal fear of snakes.

So bad that even if I see one on TV my first reaction is to curl into a ball, cover my face and scream “NO”. The worst part about this fear is I can’t seem to get over it. I love animals.  I’ve held lizards and even a tarantula but snakes give me the heebie-jeebies.  I can’t seem to get rid of this fear. No matter how hard I try.

3. I am tall.

I don’t mean 5 foot 8 inches tall or 5 foot 9 inches tall or 5 foot 10 inches tall or even 5 foot 11 inches tall. No, I mean an even 6 feet tall.  Being tall has its perks but the older I get the harder it seems to find pants or shirts that are long enough. But when I do I buy one of every color. Not joking.

4. I took 4 years of Spanish and still can’t speak it.

I really shouldn’t admit this. There are little phrases and words I still remember but it stops there. Lets just put it this way…I was not one of those students who tried hard. Terrible I know.

5. I am a binge watcher.

You know those people who will only watch one show until they have watched the entire series…Yep, that’s me. I will choose a show on Netflix and only watch that one show until I have seen every episode even if it takes a month or two.

6. I can’t imagine having any other hair color other than blonde.

Brunette?… Tried it not for me. Red?…Thought about it but realized that I would only love it for a week.  I am most confident when I am blonde.

7. I have a tattoo on my ribs and forget its there.

When I was 18 I decided to go out and get a tattoo. No, I don’t regret it since it has a lot of meaning but I also forget I have it 99.9% of the time. It says just breathe and is right under my boob. I got it to remind myself that no matter what I go through to just keep breathing and remember it always gets better.

8. I love to bake but don’t like to eat sweets.

Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I love to try what I bake but one serving is all I need. Which is weird since 90% of the recipes I share are sweet. I enjoy baking a lot more than cooking. The creativity and science that goes into baking intrigues to me.

9. I love to rewatch movies.

I have watched certain movies way more than I should admit. How to Lose a Guy in 10  Days, Harry Potter, The Replacements, Billy Madison, Funny Girl, Top Gun, Grumpy Old Men and every Disney movie (I like variety in my life)…But the list doesn’t stop there.

10. I am an ENFP

Did you ever have to take the Myers-Briggs test in a careers class? I have had to take this test at least 7 times for different reasons and every time I am an ENFP.  Here is the Myers-Briggs description of an ENFP–

Warmly enthusiastic and imaginative. See life as full of possibilities. Make connections between events and information very quickly, and confidently proceed based on the patterns they see. Want a lot of affirmation from others, and readily give appreciation and support. Spontaneous and flexible, often rely on their ability to improvise and their verbal fluency.

Take a free test and find out what you are here.

11. Popcorn is my favorite comfort food.

It is so good! Cheddar and caramel popcorn mixed together is my favorite and I recommend you try it any chance you get.

12. I never thought I would be living in Iowa.

I always thought I would travel the world and not be living in the small town that I grew up in.  There are still moments where I want to pack up and move but for now, I will remain here in my little town.

What is something I should know about you?

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12 Things You May Not Know About Me


  1. hal

    it’s always amusing reading fun facts about people – 6′ tall is awesome – I’m 6’3″ & didn’t always love being the tallest when i was younger but i certainly do now!

  2. I’m barely over 5′ tall. My college roommate was a leggy 6′ tall and we were quit the pair hanging out and playing racquetball together! She hated when people would ask her how tall she was because saying 6′ always got such a big reaction. She often would say she was 5’12” and the reaction was never as big. People didn’t catch on, right away, that it was the same as 6′.

  3. This list cracked me up! I have a tattoo on my lower back (yes… that kind) that I also forget about. I got it on a whim after a way to young divorce before I was old enough to really even know what marriage was, and that ‘stamp’ has stayed with me for almost 20 years now, a mark I often forget about and one that means little in terms of design. Ah well. =)

  4. Haha, I’m the exact same way about baking all the time but hating to eat sweet stuff. People always give me the weirdest looks when they find out I don’t actually like chocolate but I made triple chocolate whatever. However, as someone just under 5′ tall, I cannot possibly empathize with your height issues 😛

  5. Love getting to know a bit more about you Jenn! I totally get you on the foreign languages thing. I took 2 yrs of French and a yr of Spanish in high school, 2 yrs of German in college. I can’t speak any of it hahah.

    Also, I not only binge watch…I binge re-watch! And as for Iowa…I thought I would move as soon as I could. But now, sometimes I imagine living other places, but I love it here!

  6. You are so funny! you like to bake but don’t like to eat sweets?!!! That is hilarious to me. I get the Spanish thing. I want to learn and I have often thought of buying Rosetta Stone but afraid that I will forget everything.

  7. I’m super close to your Myers-Brigg personality. I’m an ENFJ! This is a great idea for a blog post, it’s a great way for you to engage with your audience past the surface level. 🙂

  8. I can’t believe you broke your hip! It sounds so painful and I never thought that could happen that way. I also would have never known you were that tall!

  9. I can not imagine the amount of pain you were in from breaking your hip! My gosh!!! When I was younger I had no issues with snakes at all, now I am like nope…don’t do them. I took several years of spanish and can speak very little of it as well. I know some basics but because I never used them, I did not retain the info. I love binge watching shows when I have time. Loved getting to know more about you!

  10. I took Spanish for 2 years in high school and 2 years in college, and I can’t speak it either. I have a tattoo on my left shoulder that I forget is there. I actually regret it. It was on a whim and I wished I had never gotten it. People always ask me about it, when I wear tank tops or expose my shoulders. I wish they wouldn’t because I hate it so much 🙁

  11. I love your list! One thing most people don’t know about me is that I’m an introvert. I always thought it was cool to be an extrovert so I faked it. Ha! It wasn’t until recently that I started embracing it 🙂

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