The Ultimate List: 100 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood

Isn’t it ironic how finding the answer to happiness is sometimes just so serious? We listen to new scientific studies or try happiness challenges when something as simple as baking cookies can boost our mood.  So to help make your life happier,  I made the ultimate list with 100 ways to instantly boost your mood.

The Ultimate List: 100 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood

  1. Take a nature walk
  2. Bake something (I recommend this chocolate chip cookie recipe or this monster cookie recipe. They are both amazing!)Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
  3. Get coffee with a  friend
  4. Take a social media break (Wondering how amazing it feels to take a break…click here.)
  5. Take a nap (and don’t feel guilty about it)
  6. Burn your favorite candle
  7. Read a book (I recommend You Are A Badass! You Are a Badass is the self-help  book for people who desperately want to improve their lives but don’t want to get busted doing it)
  8. Look through old photos (I did this and decided to write a post on 12 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self.)
  9. Get a haircut
  10. Go for a drive
  11. Put fresh sheets on your bed
  12. Say yes to social events, even if you don’t feel like it. (You can always end up leaving, but you might find that you don’t want to.)
  13. Watch TED Talks (I have a list of some of my favorite ones here)
  14. Hang out with a pet
  15. Get some sun
  16. Get a pedi & mani
  17. Drink lots of water
  18. Sit and refresh by a lake, river, ocean or large body of water
  19. De-clutter
  20. Plan you next vacay! (Even if it is just for fun…DREAM BIG)
  21. Look in the mirror and pick out a feature you love about yourself
  22. Cook your favorite meal (If you want something new you could try my Quick & Easy Veggie Spaghetti Recipe)
  23. Meditate
  24. Forgive someone and make peace with an old enemy
  25. Have a dance party…Even if it is just you
  26. Buy flowers
  27. Try a DIY project
  28. Go for a dusky evening or early morning walk
  29. Take yourself to the movies
  30. Splurge on something you’ve been eyeing
  31. Practice mindfulness
  32. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails
  33. Tell someone you love them
  34. Take yourself on a movie date
  35. Watch the sunset
  36. Watch the sunrise
  37. Get a massage
  38. Visit the park, pack a lunch and read a book. Get outdoors
  39. Have a cup of coffee
  40. Drink a glass of wine…or two
  41. Watch a comedy and laugh
  42. Binge watch your favorite show
  43. Have a beer
  44. Open the windows, let light and air into the room
  45. Create a Pinterest humor board and look through it (Here’s mine)
  46. Brush your teeth (the mint revitalizes you  and I love the  freshly cleaned teeth feeling)
  47. Take a shower
  48. See how long you can go without complaining about a single thing
  49. Say a prayer
  50. Put your phone away for an hour
  51. Clean your home
  52. Do your makeup (Here is my everyday makeup routine)
  53. Make a list of things you love
  54. Have a movie marathon (Harry Potter, perhaps?)
  55. Eat a refreshingly sweet bowl of fruit
  56. Clean out your closet
  57. Do Yoga
  58. Listen to holiday music, no matter the time of year
  59. Give someone a spontaneous gift
  60. Stop reading or watching the news for a week
  61. Get rid of 5 things you never use
  62. Listen to uplifting podcast (I have a list of podcast I LOVE here)
  63. Mismatch your socks on purpose ( I do this every day…I just grab the first 2 I find)
  64. Take a bath
  65. Go enjoy live music
  66. Buy a fun floaty and go float on a lake or down the river
  67. Sit up straight and adjust your posture (body language is intertwined with our mood)
  68. Make your bed
  69. Play a game with family, friends, or loved ones
  70. Buy a new outfit
  71. Unfollow  negative people on Facebook
  72. Unfollow negative people on Twitter
  73. Paint your nails a brighter color
  74. Print out a picture of one of your favorite memories and post it up on your wall or desk
  75. Realize how good it feels to stretch
  76. Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror
  77. Face a fear, big or small
  78. Eat the last piece of cake
  79. Make a to-do list and cross off everything
  80. Wear your favorite clothes and go somewhere
  81. Buy a new outfit
  82. Wear your favorite lipstick
  83. Say β€œno” to tasks that can wait so you can focus on what’s important to you
  84. Youtube cute animals
  85. Start planning out your days; structure can create a sense of purpose
  86. Listen to a happy playlist
  87. Give up the need for control and trust God is working in your life (Read this post about when life doesn’t go your way)
  88. Let go of perfectionism. Your beauty and strength includes your flaws
  89. Grab drinks with an old friend
  90. Workout
  91. Get inspiration from Instagram
  92. Make a list of short term and long term goals.
  93. Try a new really great smoothie (This Chocolate Peanut Butter “Green” Smoothie is AMAZING)Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Smoothie
  94. Find a new hobby or sign up for a local class to learn a new language, recipe, sport or skill
  95. Wake up earlier than normal
  96. Rearrange furniture
  97. Sing your favorite song out loud
  98. Volunteer
  99. Take care of yourself (Read Why I Choose to be Selfish here)
  100. Choose Joy and Choose it EVERYDAY

How do you boost your mood?


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The Ultimate List: 100 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood


  1. Great ideas here for sure. I love all of these its amazing how some simple things can change your mind. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a great list! I LOVE the idea of a social media break! Especially in this crazy blogging world! πŸ™‚ PS your pooh is so adorable! xox

  3. Great post! Here are a few of mine…Playing volleyball, buying myself some fresh flowers or taking them from my flower garden and bringing them inside. Drinking a nice cup of hot tea as the sun rises.

  4. Meg

    i love all of these ideas, my fave thing to do is going for a walk with my dog – the fresh air and watching him get so excited to run along the beach instantly lifts my mood. Oh, and I am totally going to bake those cookies – thanks for the recipe!

  5. Enjoyed the read. I’ve been nursing some poison ivy blisters, feeling a bit blue, but got myself outside for a long walk this morning (safe from poison ivy), and it made me feel better?

  6. Great list! I bookmarked this post for future reference! I love talking to and spending time with others who boost my mood and organizing my stuff. These both make me feel so happy. πŸ™‚

  7. Blu

    Number 12!!! I had such a busy weekend and instead of saying no, I did everything I was invited to and it was an amazing weekend!

  8. This is THE LIST! Love it! The only one I wouldn’t do or at least would have a huge struggle with is #95 (waking up earlier than usual) ? I’m not a morning person at all! Lol! Definitely saving this list to reread it when I need some inspo! πŸ™‚

  9. Wow this is such a great list!! Some of my go-tos are on here like meditation and nature walks but there are so many great ideas I need to keep in mind! Thank you! ?

  10. Jenn,
    This list is so accessible and so easy to just pick one or two each day and run with it! I love anything that can just quickly add a little pick me up to my day and this list is just the thing! What a wonderful post! Thank you for continuing to share your super ideas!

  11. I adored Jen Sincero after I first read “You are a Badass” two years ago. I also love that you included make your bed! I do it every day and when I come home from work, it instantly soothes me. I will be sharing this on my social networks.

  12. Such a fun list! I love that they’re all do-able, and mostly free! Thank you for sharing. I’m definitely saving this post for a rainy day. πŸ™‚

  13. Bri

    Some of these made me in a better mood just thinking about them! Nature walk and fresh sheets!! πŸ™‚

  14. #43 is all I needed to see. Grab a beer!!! Here’s some constructive criticism…it should be #1 haha just kidding. Awesome article will definitely give some a shot. Thanks.

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